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Download Film The 8-Year Engagement (2017)

The 8-Year Engagement (2017)

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Download Film The 8-Year Engagement (2017)
Film The 8-Year Engagement (2017) (Photo by Shochiku Films)

Sinopsis : The 8-Year Engagement (2017) movie tells about the life of a pair of lovers, Hisashi (Takeru Satoh) and Mai (Tao Tsuchiya). In three months they will soon get married.

But unexpectedly Mai fell ill to coma at the hospital. Hisashi continued to pray and struggle in various ways for her fiancé to recover soon.

The prayer was answered and Mai finally got well. But when Mai awakens, she does not remember anything including Hisashi’s lover.

Genre : Drama

Bintang : Takeru Satoh, Tai Tsuchiya, Kazuki Kitamura, Kenta Hamano, Tetta Sugimoto

Sutradara : Takahisa Zeze

Rilis : 16 December 2017 (Japan)

Rating : R