A Sower Of Seeds Movie 3 (2016)

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Synopsis: A Sower Of Seeds Movie 3 (2016) tells of a Ayane Kataoka 24 years, working in Okayama Prefecture. The Company is known for peaches and Ayano Kataoka home grown peaches and hope he can register the type of peach recently developed by his brother before he died.

One day, a young man from the government came in Akaiwa.

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A Sower Of Seeds Movie 3 (2016) Movie (Photo : Youtube.com)

Genre: Drama, Agriculture
Cast : Rin Takanasho, Takumi Saito, Hiroyuki Ikeauchi, Kanji Tsuda, Hana Ebise
Director: Kiyoshi Sasabe
Release: 5 November 2016 (Japan)

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