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After The Storm (2016)

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Synopsis : Film After The Storm (2016) tells of a famous writer named Ryota (Hiroshi Abe). Despite never winning a literary award 15 years ago, Ryota chose a career as a private detective.

He was divorced from his wife Kyoko (Yoko Maki) and now living with his son named Shingo (Taiyo Yoshizawa).

In addition, Ryota mother, Yoshiko (Kirin Kiki) now lives alone in his apartment. One night he arrival of his son and his grandson Shingo Kyoko.

Their meeting turns into tragedy during a major hurricane. Now they have to fight to survive. Can they go through all that?

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Genre : Drama, Romance
Stars : Hiroshi Abe, Yoko Maki, Kirin Kiki, Sosuke Ikematsu
Director : Hirokazu Koreeda
Release : 21 May 2016 (Japan)
Rating : D17+