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Download Film Borderline (2017)
Download Film Borderline (2017)
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Sinopsis : Borderline (2017) movie tells about a man named Aberu Wagatsuma (Rei Fujita). He works in a factory and always delivers goods.

One day accidentally a man suddenly got into his car. Apparently the man is Reo Akai (Atsushi Raia), a childhood friend of Aberu.

Reo was forced to hide by the Yakuza members. Now both must be involved in the war against the most dangerous gangster in Japan.

Genre : Action, Drama

Bintang : Rey Fujita, Atsushi Arai, Jun Soejima, Yukijiro Hotaru, Shunsuke Nisikawa

Sutradara : Takeshi Watanabe

Rilis : 16 December 2017 (Japan)

Rating : R