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Download Film Semi jepang Terbaru Cheerdance (2017)

Cheerdance (2017)

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Download Film Semi jepang Terbaru Cheerdance (2017)

Synopsis: Cheerdance (2017) tells about the life of a beautiful teenage girl named Hikari Tomonaga (Suzu Hirose). Hikari is currently in high school in Japan.

This beautiful girl is very like cheerdance. For that he joined the club of his high school cheerdance.

Hikari must follow a strict process of teacher Kaoruko Saotome (Yuki Amami). He had to fight hard in order to get a place in the first team cheerdance.

But it was not easy because they were selected to participate in the race Cheerdance Championship in the United States. Hikari now work hard to get to America.

But the road not as easy as he had hoped. She was faced with a tough love, too affair that made him complacent. Will Hikari managed to enter the core team cheerdance and to America?

Genre: Comedy
Players: Suzu Hirose, Ayami Nakajo, Yurina Yanagi, Hirona, Miu Tomita, Yuki Amami, Saki Minamino, Haruka
Director: Hayato Kawai
Release: March 11, 2017 (Japan)
Rating: R