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Download Film Comestic Wars (2017)

Comestic Wars (2017)

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Download Film Comestic Wars (2017)
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Synopsis: Comestic Wars (2017) Japanese Movie tells the story of a beautiful woman named Akane Misawa (Aya Omasa). She worked in a service company spy.

One day Akane get a mission to steal proprietary information of a cosmetics company. For that, she must infiltrate and worked as an employee at the company.

Over time, Akane continue to collect the data she needed. But the whole time she was also increasingly doubtful that his illegal actions. Then, what about the ending of the story?

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Kosuke Suzuki
Cast: Aya Omasa, Megumi Okina, Gota Watabe, Yutaka Morioka, Masahiro Inoue, Shuko, Shogen
Release: March 11, 2017 (Japan)
Production: BS-TBS
Rating: R