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Crayon Shin-chan: Invasion!! Alien Shiriri (2017)

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SinopsisCrayon Shin-chan: Invasion!! Alien Shiriri (2017) Movie tells of the family of Nohara who suddenly came aliens named Shiriri. This alien emits a light that makes Hiroshi and Misae back into the form of children.

To be able to restore their form, Shin-chan had to find Shiriri’s father who was somewhere in Japan. Initially this search involved only the Shinnosuke family, then to their friends to involve all of Japan.

Genre : Anime, Comedy

Cast : Teiyu Ichiryusai, Satomi Korogi, Tamao Hayashi, Toru Hotohara, Akiko Yajima

Director : Masakazu Hashimoto

Release: 15 April 2017

Rating : G