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Download Film Friend Games (2017) Full Movie
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Synopsis : Friend Games (2017) tells about Yuichi katakiri, who when he was little his mother taught him that friends are more important than money.

Now, as a high school student, Yuichi prioritizes his friend over money.

One day, Yuichi and his friend took part in a “Friends Games” contest with a considerable amount of money.

The film is adapted from a manga entitled Tomodachi Gemu, written by Mikoto Yamaguchi and published in 2014 in Japan.

Genre : Drama
Starring : Ryo Yoshizawa, Amatsuki, Rio Uchida, Yiki Yamada, Yuuka Ueno, Yuki Kubota, Nagi Nemoto, Shimon Okura
Director : Jiro Nagae
Release : 3 June 2017 (Japan)
Rating : R