Girls in the Dark (2017)

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Synopsis : Girls in the Dark (2017) tells the story of a girl named Itsumi Shiraishi (Marie Iitoyo). This beautiful girl in high school Seibo Maria.

One day he was found dead after falling from the roof of the school building. Itsumi is the daughter of an employee at the school administrator. Itsumi death still a puzzle, whether he committed suicide or were killed by other people.

Time of his death, itsumi holding a mountain lilies in his hands. A rumor circulating call if he killed a member of the literary club at their school.

During this time itsumi is the literary club president. After the departure of itsumi, her friend Sayuri (Fumika Shimizu) was appointed as president of the literature.

As usual, the group will hold a meeting to discuss literature. This time they will talk about the "death Itsumi shiraishi.

However, unexpected things happen. Now they are struggling to get out of that problem.

Genre : Drama, Horror
Cast : Marie Iitoyo. Fumika Shimizu, Riria Kojima, Yudai Chiba, Nana Seino, Yuna Taira, Tina Tamashiro
Director : Saiji Yakumo
Release : April 1, 2017 (Japan)
Rating : R

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