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Download film semi jepang Harahara Nanoka (2017)

Harahara Nanoka (2017)

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Download film semi jepang Harahara Nanoka (2017)
Harahara Nanoka (2017) Movie (Photo : Jitensha Project)

Synopsis: Harahara Nanoka (2017) or Opening Night (2017) tells of Nanoka (Nanoka Hara), a child actress. She hopes to follow the footsteps of her mother’s career to plunge into the world of entertainment to become an actress.

Nanoka more talented and beautiful than her mother. Each day this pretty girl always learned to hone her ability to act.

Once when she heard there was a play that never played her mother, will be staged again. Nanoka very glad to hear it.

Nanoka then enroll for an audition. She is hoping to play a major role like that ever played the mother.

However there is one major obstacle she faces? What constraints Nanoka face? Will her dream of becoming an actress come true?

Release: 1 April 2017 (Japan)
Genre: Drama
Cast: Nanoka Hara, Rena Matsui, Rinne Yoshida, Marika Matsumoto, Yuuka Ueno, Zuimaro Awashima
Director: Mai Sakai
Rating: R13 +
Production: Spotted Productions

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Harahara Nanoka (2017) Movie (Photo :