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Synopsis: Intern (2016) Japanese Movie tells the story of a student Haruka Kawakura were level three universities. He was rescued by the CEO of a company called Masayuki Makino when it will be hit by a car.

Masayuki Makino woke up when he was in the room at the hospital intesive care. There, there was a teenager standing in front of Masayuki and introduced himself as the God of Death.

God of Death said Masayuki that Haruka should die in the accident incident that day. But Masayuki keep his life, fate Masayuki now has changed and he will soon die.

God of Death said to Masayuki that they can survive is to change the future of Haruka. If Haruka managed to become intern and joined the company.

Masayuki had the idea to borrow a friend’s body Haruka named Maki and help Haruka become a successful intern.

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Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Yuko Araki, Anri Okamoto, Louis Kurihara, Tsunenori Aoki, Gaku Sano, Yuuna Suzuki, Haru Izumi
Akio Yoshida
5 November 2016 (Japan)
Rating : Adult Movie

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