Lover of Mother (2016)

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Synopsis : Lover of Mother (2016) tells of the life of a woman named Ryoko (Yuko Mizushima). Ryoko who have reached the age of 50 years running a pub in his place of business.

He had to work independently after her divorce from her husband. Their only daughter, Mina (Kokone Sasaki) chose to stay with her mother Ryoko.

Once Mina expressed his intention to study in the United States. But Mina resisted her desire. This makes Mina went and complained to her father.

At the same time came Koto (Masanori Sugawara) who is the girlfriend Mina. Everyday she works to help Ryoko in the pub. Ryoko Koto treated the same as their own.

Sometimes, Ryoko vent with Koto Mina’s desire to study in the United States. The closeness that just make them fall in love. Tempers infidelity and dark relationship between Ryoko and Koto.

Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast :  Yoko Mizushima, Masanori Sugawara, Kokone Sasaki
Director : Takahiro Ueno
Rating : R
Release : 25 February 2016 (Japan)

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