March Comes in Like a Lion Part 1 (2017)

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Synopsis : March Comes in Like a Lion Part 1 (2017) Japanese Movie tells of a typical Japanese shogi player beni Rei Kiriyama. He is only 17 years old but has become an international shogi player.

Rei lives alone in Tokyo, Japan. He has often been alone since the loss of both his parents and younger sister by a traffic accident when he was a child.

Once when Rei left the house, he met with three women who were his immediate neighbors. They are Momo Kawamoto, Akari Kawamoto and Hinata Kawamoto.

Meeting him with the three women led them to a deeper introduction. This is the first time Rei communicates with other women outside his favorite shogi game world.

He was then invited to dinner with the Kawamoto family. Meeting him with the family gave Rei back a lot of motivation and passion.

Now he must finish what he has ignored all this time, namely love and career. Can he make it happen?

This movie adapted from the San Gatsu no Lion manga first made by Chica Umino and published on July 13, 2017. This movie will be divided into two parts.

Genre : Action, Drama
Cast : Ryunosuke Kamiki, Kasumi Arimura, Kana Kurashima, Kuranosuke sasaki, Ryo Kase,Shota Sometani, Kaya Kiyohara, Tomoya Nakamuta, Hideaki Ito
Director : Keishi Ohtomo
Release : March 18, 2017 (Japan)
Rating : PG-13

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