My Korean Teacher (2016)

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Synopsis : My Korean Teacher (2016) tells of Young-Ung abandoned by his girlfriend. While on a business trip to Okinawa, the company where he worked also soon go bankrupt.

In Okinawa Young-Ung met a single mother named Sakura who works in a travel agency. Sakura wants to learn Korean at the Korean Language Institute to support its work.

There Young-Ung met with Sakura and they begin a romantic relationship. The more running their relationship is getting serious.

However there are problems that come over and spoil their relationship. How to end their romance?

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My Korean Teacher (2016) Movie (Photo : Japanese Film Festival Australia)

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Cast : Sakura, Young-Ung, Sakura
Director : Yuzo Asahara
Release: 3 November 2016 (Japan)

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