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Nijuurokuya Machi (2017)

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Nijuurokuya Machi (2017)

Sinopsys : Nijuurokuya Machi (2017) tells of a beautiful woman named Yumi (Mei Kurokawa).She lost everything during the earthquake in Japan.

For that he decided to go to Fukushima and live with her aunt. Yumi works daily at a small pub in the city.

She meets Sugiya who is the pub owner. Sugiya has a memory problem due to amnesia. He does not know much about his past.

Sugiya just remember how he can cook. Yumi’s presence brings a different color to Sugiya. Both fall in love.

Genre : Drama

Cast : Orime Amagi, Arata Iura, Mei Kurokawa, Hikohiko Sugiyama, Masayuki Shida, Shinsuke Suzuki

Director : Michio Koshikawa

Release : December 2017

Rating : R