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Download Film Jepang The Devil's Feast (2007)

Oni No Kaen (2017)

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Download Film Jepang The Devil's Feast (2007)
The Devil’s Feast (2007) Movie (Photo :

Synopsis : Film The Devil’s Feast (2017) or Oni No Kaen (2017) tells the story of a beautiful woman named Kumiko. She has just accepted to work in a local newspaper.

Kumiko is very happy to work there. But slowly she began to feel the strange and suspicious of the company boss.

It turned out that the owner of the company bosses are devil worshipers. The boss often perform rituals s*x to as a form of worship to Satan.

One day Kumiko suddenly woke up and saw he was tied in an old building. She realized if it has been captured and will be the victim of a boss.

Now Kumiko will be dedicate to the devil. She will be a slave s*x of the boss.

Can Kumiko out of all that? How does the story end Kumiko?

Genre : Crime, Drama, Adult
Cast : Hitoshi Kajiki, Chihiro Koganezaki, Arisa Matsumoto
Director : Kenji Hanyû
Release : 3 November 2017 (Japan)
Rating : R (adult)

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