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Download Film Semi Jepang Peach Girl (2017)

Peach Girl (2017)

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Download Film Semi Jepang Peach Girl (2017)
Peach Girl (2017) Japanese Movie (Photo :

Synopsis : Peach Girl (2017) tells of a high school student named Momo Adachi.

She is seen as a wild girl because of her brown skin and her colored hair. But actually she is a teenage girl who is innocent and sweet.

Since the first time in school, Momo secretly liked his classmate Toji. Meanwhile, there are the most popular male students in the school who love it, Kairi Okayasu.

On the other hand, there is Sae’s friend Momo who also likes Toji and seeks to grab Toji’s attention.

Under such circumstances, Momo must decide that her conflict with Toji and Kairi is not complicated.

Genre : Drama, Romance
Starring : Kei Inoo, Mizuki Yamamoto,Kensei Mikami, Mei Nagano, Mackenyu
Director : Koji Shintoku
Release : May 20, 2017 (Japan)
Rating : R