Poetry Angel (2017)

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Download Film Jepang Poetry Angel (2017) Full Movie
Poetry Angel (2017) Japanese Movie (Photo : Youutube.com)

Synopsis : Poetry Angel (2017) tells the story of Tsutomu Tamaki’s life after graduating from high school, she works on family farm.

Tsutomu channeled other talents he possessed by joining in “Poetry Boxing”. It was here that she met a high school girl who she liked.

As have similarities, eventually they both establish a relationship. They try to deal with problems and solve them together.

Genre : Drama
Starring : Rena Takeda, Amane Okayama, Jun Miho, Shingo Tsurumi
Director : Toshimitsu Iizuka
Release : May 20, 2017 (Japan)
Rating : R

Download Film Jepang Poetry Angel (2017) Full Movie

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