Synopsis : Hana Ikusa or Flower and Sword (2017) tells of events in the 16th century, after Nobunaga Oda’s death, […]

Synopsis : Friend Games (2017) tells about Yuichi katakiri, who when he was little his mother taught him that friends […]

Synopsis : The Wind in Your Heart (2017) tells about the journey of Ryosuke a video artist who is pointing […]

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Synopsis : Peach Girl (2017) tells of a high school student named Momo Adachi. She is seen as a wild […]

Synopsis : Sakurada Reset Part 2 (2017) is a continuation of the previous series. In this series, Kei Asai (Shuhei […]

Sinopsis : Film I Want To Hug You Forever (2017) menceritakan tentang kehidupan seorang wanita bersama suaminya. Karena tak suka […]

Synopsis : Tsuioku or Memory (2017) Japanese Movie tells about the lives of three men. They are Keita Tadokoro (Shun […]