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Download Film Tokyo Decibels (2017) Full Movie

Tokyo Deshiberu (2017)

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Download Film Tokyo Decibels (2017) Full Movie
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Synopsis : Tokyo Decibels (2017) or Tokyo Deshiberu (2017) tells of a professor in Tokyo named Chuya (Mitsuru Matsuoka). He works at a prominent university in the city.

Currently Chuya is working on a project that has long been his biggest dream. He wants in Tokyo there is a map based on sound.

Chuya spends his time just to gather a variety of voices and begin to analyze them. He does that every day.

Chuya’s busyness had a bad impact on his love affair with his girlfriend Fumi (Yumi Adachi). Fumi chose to leave Chuya who rarely give time to be together.

Fumi’s reliance instead brought in a mysterious woman named Mariko (Natsumi Abe). Even the woman knows very well about Chuya’s broken love affair.

But Mariko gave her something she had never felt before. How did he deal with all that? Then how is his love with Fumi?

Genre : Drama
Starring : Mitsuru Matsuoka, Natsumi Abe, Yuki Suzuki, Sugizo, Yumi Adachi, Hidekazu Nagai
Director : Hitonari Tusji
Release : May 20, 2017 (Japan)
Rating : R

Download Film Tokyo Decibels (2017) Full Movie