Tsuki to Kaminari (2017)

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Tsuki to Kaminari (2017) Movie (Foto: suurkiitos.com)

Synopsis: Tsuki to Kaminari (2017) tells the story of the life of a beautiful woman named Yasuko (Eriko Hatsune). She had been left by her mother since childhood.

Yasuko grew up and grew up without knowing who his family was. It made his life seem insignificant.

One day he meets with Satoshi (Kengo Kora). She is the son of her father’s last boyfriend.

Somehow, both are involved in an unusual relationship. Until finally everything changed.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Stars: Eriko Hatsune, Kengo Kora, Daisuke Kuroda, Yui Ichikawa, Takemi Fujii

Director: Hiroshi Ando

Release: October 7, 2017 (Japan)

Rating: D21 +

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